USE61400-25 – China Workshop in Beijing

4th Annual Wind Farm Data Managment and Analysis
October 21, 2014
USE61400-25 – Presentation of the implementation guideline
February 10, 2015

USE61400-25 – China Workshop in Beijing


On October 23th, 2014 the user group held their first Workshop in China. It was presented by user group Chairman Bertram Lange and Boardmember Maurizio Scavazzon in front of 50 attendees.

Topics of the presentation were:

  • Introduction of CEPRI
  • Introduction of the USE61400-25 users group
  • introduction of the standard IEC 61400-25
    Scope and benefits of usage (open access to data for monitoring, control, evaluation, ect.)
  • Alternative interface levels and possible migration
    (interface at turbine level, plant level or control center, additional components such as CMS, plant controller, meteorological station, substation automation system, etc.)
  • Modeling of components and functions
  • Data exchange services
  • Communication profiles
  • Guidance through the standard series of documents
  • Specification and implementation
  • Testing and certification
  • Examples and challenges of Wind Power Plant communication in Europe
    (how the standard makes life easier )
  • Real demonstration of the IEC61400-25 servers and clients
  • Challenges of Wind Power Plant communication in China
  • Open discussion

Click on the links below to download the presentation:

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