IEC 61400-25 wind power communication standard

The IEC standard series 61400-25 provides a solution for access to wind power plant information with standardized data names and semantic.

It gives possibilities to procure monitoring and control solutions as separate parts, and to use a single system to store, analyze and present wind power information. In addition the standard opens up for control and monitoring of information from different wind turbine vendors in a homogeneous manner.

The use of a standard communication solution are beneficial for all parties - vendors, system integrators as well as the customer.
The additional cost of developing and maintaning vendor specific solutions are costly for both vendors, system integrators and the customer.
A standard communication solution lower the cost of integration and and maintenance for all parties involved. In addition vendors have the opportunity to focus their core business - creation of facilities for efficient and optimized operation of wind turbines by including a standard communication solution in their product portfolio.

A uniform access to operational and historical information from wind turbines generation units is a prerequisite for efficient and effective operation and maintenance of wind power plants with a mix of wind turbine from different vendors and wind turbines on various evolutionary steps.
This is where the IEC standard series 61400-25 “WIND TURBINES – Communications for Monitoring and Control of Wind Power Plants" could add great value to your wind power based generation business