IEC61400-25 solution providers by alphabetical order:

Bachmann Electronic GmbH
  • IEC 61850, DNP3, and IEC 60870-5
  • Controller with IEC 61400-25 client and server functionality (MMS)
  • Wind turbine templates according to the 61400-25 standard
  • WPS Scada solution via OPC UA
  • Consulting, Seminars, Training and conformance testing
Triangle MicroWorks Inc.
  • Protocol gateway for integrating IEC 61400-25 wind systems into SCADA
  • Source code libraries for implementing IEC 61400-25 devices and systems (ANSI C, C++, or .NET components)
  • IEC 61850 testing tools including Test Client/IED simulator and SCL file viewer/editor/verifier
  • Free training videos for IEC 61850, DNP3, and IEC 60870-5
  • Read our customer case study about IEC 61400-25