USE61400-25 – 2nd General Assembly

1st Global Interoperability workshop, March 23rd – 25th
February 15, 2010
NIST presentation
April 23, 2010

USE61400-25 – 2nd General Assembly


Report from the general assembly session in Arnhem, Netherland.

MoM and document from the 2nd General Assembly


Selected pictures from the General Assembly.

From left to rigth: Albert Barstad, Mikael Molander, Sven Bergmann, Alexander Polmann, Michael Rueter, Mareile Wilkens


The Interoperability Test Workshop team, from left to rigth: Jacque Sarot, Anders Johnsson, Bertram Lange, Mikael Frank, Bas Mulder and Erik San Telmo Quecedo.


Test results are studied at the follow-up session.


From left to rigth: David Papurt, Per Krause-Kjaer and Albert Barstad.


From left to right: David Erol, Benoit Lepeuple(g), Jacques Sarot(g),Jean-Sebastian Bourgois(g) and Helmut Ritter.


On April 14. - 15., 2010 the user group general assembly 2010 will be held in Arhem, Netherlands. The meeting venue is provided by KEMA, Arnhem, Netherlands.


The various maps can be found here:


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