EWEA2011 – great interest for the IEC 61400-25 standard

2nd Global Interoperability workshop
March 15, 2011
USE61400-25 – 3rd General Assembly
April 5, 2011

EWEA2011 – great interest for the IEC 61400-25 standard


9000+ praticipants had the chance to learn more about IEC 61400-25 at the EWEA2011 conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Not everyone passed through the USE61400-25 exhibition booth but a fair amount of people did. Contacts were made with people from more than 40 companies, from both supplier and customer side in the global wind power business.

The visitors could get information about the standard and the users group as presented in the information brochure and also see a demonstration of interoperability between IEC 61400-25 compliant wind turbine controllers and SCADA clients. At the booth visitors could read more about our user group in the new information brochure
The interoperability demos were based on the experience obtained during the User Group Interoperability workshops the last two years.


Erik San Telmo Quecedo, Chairman of USE61400-25 assisted by Thorsten Eckerodt from Bachmann Electronics GmbH a USE61400-25 member.


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