USE61400-25 at the Windpower Monthly Forum

USE61400-25 – 3rd General Assembly
April 5, 2011
3rd Global Interoperability workshop
January 25, 2012

USE61400-25 at the Windpower Monthly Forum


USE61400-25 was present at the Two-Day Windpower Monthly Forum 15- 16 November 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.

Overall topic - Harnessing your data to optimise performance, reduce downtime & increase profitability. - Identifying Industry Data Needs and Wants to Achieve Greater Availability

Anders Johnsson, Marketing & Standardisation Coordinator USE61400-25 User Group, gave a presentation under the title "How close are we to standardisation of wind turbine data?

The questions to be answered were:
What developments are happening in the industry?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of having a common system for all wind turbines?
Should the IEC 61400-25 be expanded to include SCADA application standardisation?

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