In this area are presented papers or applications notes using the IEC 61400-25.

The use of IEC 61400-25 standard to integrate wind power plants into the control of power system stability
European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition. 7 – 10 May 2007, Milan.
Erik San Telmo Quecedo; I. Canales; J. L. Villate, E. Robles, S. Apñanz

Implementation of IEC 61400-25 in Kenersys K100 - 2.5 wind power plant
USE61400-25 user group meeting presentation, Marseille Mar 2009, France, author:
Anders Johnsson, Vattenfall Research and Development AB

Standardising plant communication
Presentation of IEC 61400-25 in Chinese / English language.
Wind Power Technology, EIA bilingual magazine, Winter 2008-2009
Knud Johansen, Q-Technology

Use of IEC 61400-25 to secure access to key O&M data
European Offshore Wind conference 2007, Berlin, Germany, authors:
Anders Johnsson, Vattenfall Research and Development AB
Lars Eeg Højholt, Vattenfall Thermal Power A/S