The role of the technical team is to support the implementation of IEC 61400-25 by resolving key issues for all parts of the standard series.

Seperate Focus Groups have been established to take care of the TISSUES for the individual parts of the standard series as well as a specific focus on the five mappings specified in IEC 61400-25-4.
Separate task force groups covering specific deliverables have been created as stated below.

If any member wants to participate in the Task Force or the Focus Groups please apply to Technical Team chairman

Task Force - Reference server

Review team

Not necessary at present

Reference Server

Focus Groups

IEC 61400-25-1
Jingsong Xu

IEC 64100-25-2
Mareile Wilkens

IEC 64100-25-3
Per Krause-Kjaer

IEC 64100-25-4
IEC 64100-25-4, Annex A - WEB Services
Per Krause-Kjaer

IEC 64100-25-4, Annex B - OPC XML-DA
Mareile Wilkens

IEC 64100-25-41
Mareile Wilkens

IEC 64100-25-4, Annex C - MMS
Erik San Telmo Ovidiu-Cristian Serban

IEC 64100-25-4, Annex D - IEC 60870-5-104
Alexander Poolmann

IEC 64100-25-4, Annex E - DNP3
Erik San Telmo

IEC 64100-25-5
Ovidiu-Cristian Serban Knud Johansen

IEC 61400-25-6
cancelled --> now part of 61400-25-2

IEC 61400-25-71
Erik San Telmo